#2- Your Grass is Greener

The Flat Tire Podcast title is based on Earl Nightingale’s famous quote, “A bad attitude is like a flat tire; you can’t go anywhere until you change it.” Each episode will include a clip from one of Earl’s books and thought-provoking conversations with top thought leaders from around the globe.


In this episode of Flat Tire, we’re talking with esteemed entrepreneur and motivational speaker, Jermaine Miller. Together, we review a clip from Earl’s talk, “Your Grass is Greener”, and discuss Jermaine’s first-hand experience with growing a profitable business. Featuring exclusive insights, wisdom, and applicable tips from Jermaine, this episode will encourage entrepreneurs of every age and stage of growth to continue pursuing success in their current industry.

To download the full version of “Your Grass Is Greener”, visit nightingalelegacy.com/books

To learn more about Jermaine Miller’s thriving business and motivational platform, visit millre.com

To learn more about Diana Nightingale’s continued work, visit www.nightingalelegacy.com

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