Would You Risk The Chance?

The other day I got into a rather interesting discussion with a very close friend of mine. I don’t remember how the conversation turned on this particular tangent, but we came up with a rather intriguing question. Here it is:

“If, through some magic, you could have right now in a lump sum, all the money you will ever receive during your lifetime, would you accept it?”

Interesting thought? Let me repeat the question to make sure you get it right:

“If, through some magic, you could have right now in a lump sum, all the money you will ever receive during your lifetime, would you accept it?”

Now this would mean of course, that you could never earn another nickel or receive another penny from any source whatsoever for the rest of your life. You could not invest this money and receive a profit on it – it would be tax free because the money you actually would receive during the rest of your life would be after taxes. You would simply have in your possession all the cash you would otherwise receive during the course of your life.

If you made a mistake and lost the money, you would be totally destitute, with no way of ever receiving another penny. If you spent it too fast, you could be left for several years with no income whatsoever. But on the other hand, you would never have to work another day at a job. You could just take off and do as you please – parceling out your cash in an attempt to make it and you come out even.

To some extent, it might tell your how long you still have to live. It could amount to, say, a hundred dollars. You could easily figure out how long it normally takes you to earn that amount and you’d have the answer to your time on earth. It could be a hundred and fifty thousand dollars or a million, all tax free.

It is estimated that the average person earns in the neighborhood of a quarter of a million dollars during his lifetime.

One friend of mine said he’d definitely take the money now, travel to Spain, or some other place where an American dollar has fifty times its normal buying power, buy himself a nice little villa by the sea. He would spend his days reading, contemplating, sailing, and traveling. This particular friend had always wanted to write, and this would give him ample time for it.

What would you do? Would you take the money, or would you rather not know the amount you’ve still got to earn? And if you took it what would you do with it and what would you do to keep busy?

As for me, I’d leave things as they are. I don’t particularly wonder or worry about the future. I like it to remain mysterious and charged with new opportunities and change. But you’ve got to admit it is an interesting subject. You might ask your friends what they would do.

Sometimes thinking about something like this gives us a new perspective, new direction and makes us see ourselves in a clearer light. It makes us ask ourselves, why am I working? And why am I doing what I’m doing? Where am I going? What do I want to accomplish? And if I were suddenly granted any wish at all – just one – what would I wish for?

This is the sort of thinking that can clear away a lot of confusion and set us straight on a clear course to what we really want.

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