What do wives want?

If someone offered you a million dollars if you could correctly come up with the answer to what wives want from their husbands – in the order of their importance – do you think you could win? Well, let’s see.

Not too long ago the University of Michigan completed a study on what wives want out of marriage. In fact, two of the university’s social scientists, Robert O. Blood Jr. and Donald M. Wolfe, have incorporated the study’s findings in a book you might want to get. It’s titled, HUSBANDS AND WIVES: THE DYNAMICS OF MARRIED LIVING, published by the Free Press, Glencoe, Illinois.

Now, I’m going to tell you the five things most wives want from their husbands, in the order of their importance, and let’s see how good you are at figuring them out.

Of all the things, what does the wife want most? According to the University of Michigan study, which held interviews with 909 wives from various economic levels and occupational groups in both the urban and rural areas, the number one factor is companionship. Companionship in doing things with the husband. That’s because we husbands are such wonderful people to be with, I suppose.

Second: The opportunity to have children.

Third: Understanding and sympathy.

Fourth: Love and affection.

Fifth: Material things, such as minks and motor cars.

In other words, what a wife really wants out of marriage is just about the reverse of what most men think it is.

Now, if you’ll think about this, you’ll realize it makes a lot of sense having companionship in first place. A man and his wife might move around the country many times during their marriage. Because of this, they’re moving away from friends, and it takes time to make new ones. But if the man and his wife have a lot of time which they spent together, if they’re good companions, this transition can be taken in stride. Additionally, the children grow up, marry and move away. But if a man and his wife are good companions and spend a lot of time together, again this warm and satisfactory relationship makes each of them feel needed, wanted and admired.

It’s been proved thousands of times that a wife is at her best when things are tough. She’ll go without, scrub floors, make over last year’s clothes, and stretch the budget to the breaking point, as long as she knows her husband is with her – as long as they have companionship.

But they can have all the money in the world, and the marriage can go on the rocks, if this one vital factor is missing.

The thing that amazed, I suppose, even the investigators themselves was that love and affection were in fourth place. Still vitally important, but not as important as companionship, the opportunity to have children, and understanding and sympathy. And it’s good to remember that material things, money and so on, are in last place according to the survey.

So, men, spend a lot of time with your wives. Take them out, have lunch with them, plan your time with them, and you’ll have a happy marriage.

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