Temper, Temper

Of all the creatures on earth, man is the youngest. It hasn’t been a very long time since we were primitive and savage. While we are now relying on guns and other weapons for violence instead of a club with a rock tied to the end of it, most of us still have trouble maintaining a calm and civilized appearance to the world.

The most distinguished human being is the one who manages to control the anti-social aspect of his primitive urges. Take anger, for example.

There is no one to be pitied or disliked more than the person who cannot control his temper.

I know because, for many years, I had the problem. I paid for it, too, in many ways – and it’s not worth it!

Men who go through life, making their families and everyone else they know walk on eggshells in fear of their famous and insane rages are small men. They have never fully matured. Moreover, being proud of a hot and violent temper is about as intelligent as being proud of an extra nose.

The wider a person opens his mouth to shout in anger, the narrower is his intelligence.

The bully, whether in school or later in life, is universally despised. He’s more than that – he’s sick! He is proclaiming ignorantly to the world that he has never grown up. He shows that if everything doesn’t go his way, he will turn back the clock of human progress and act like a prehistoric savage with all the intelligence of an ululating gibbon.

The strong, calm man is always loved and revered.

He is like a shade-giving tree in a thirsty land. Also, the same is true of a woman who has developed emotionally to the place where she gives the calming impression of a peaceful mind and heart. These people see the reasons for things. They see through the effect of the cause. Instead of screaming at their children, which does no good at all, they reason with them. They explain why such and such has happened, and they don’t expect children to act like grownups. If another adult does something they don’t like, they try to understand why. They’ll more than likely feel sorry for the person rather than become angry.

I can’t imagine anyone wanting to be feared rather than loved. We love people who have developed mature tranquility, and we like to be around them. They have the capacity for indignation, and they are most effective in changing a situation that they know is wrong. If you want to pick on somebody, if you’re looking for a fight, steer clear of the calm and self-possessed individual. He’ll make you look like a blithering idiot.

Did you ever hear of anyone getting in trouble by controlling his temper?

There you are – it’s easier said than done – but you can do it.

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