Will Hutcherson

Will Hutcherson is a highly sought out communicator, consultant, and team developer. He speaks to thousands of individuals in audiences around the world, training leaders in non-profits and businesses throughout the US and Countries such as the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Chile, and Nicaragua. Some of the companies Will has consulted for include Chick Fil A, The Rethink Group, Orange, Start With One, and dozens of other businesses and non-profits. Before joining Catalyst, Will was an executive leader in a 6 million dollar per year non-profit company, responsible for directly overseeing 15 full time staff members and over a thousand volunteers.
In addition to coaching and consulting leaders in business, schools, and churches, he also recently launched a non-profit to speak in public schools and share a message of hope, with the goal of drastically reducing the suicide rate of teens in America. In his free time he enjoys listening to 90’s R&B and cheering for the Tampa Bay Rays with his wife Arianne, and their three children. You’ll most likely find him wrestling with his rambunctious 8-year-old, Liam, dancing with his sweet 5-year-old Reese, or stacking blocks with his very busy 2-year old, Kinsley.