Val Simpson

Val Simpson was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her parents immigrated to America in the late 80’s.

At a young age, Val learned the importance of a positive mental attitude in order to overcome obstacles. Adapting to a new culture, new language and new way of life was no easy task. However, she was able to accomplish this by following the Natural Laws of the Universe without even knowing it.

Years later, she took an interest in studying some of the most famous thought leaders such as Earl Nightingale and Napoleon Hill. And discovered that it was possible to become deliberate creators of our own experiences.

One of her biggest accomplishments was becoming a business owner of a fitness facility with her husband, Darren. Her dedication and positive attitude made it possible to truly experience the “American Dream.”

Learning to embrace change, instead of being afraid of it has been key to her success.

In this ever-changing world, Val is on a mission to share a message of motivation and to inspire every relentless dreamer out there. She says: “If a girl from a small town in South America can do it, so can you.”

Today, she resides with her husband, Darren, and son, Nicholas, in Florida; surrounded by sunshine, palm trees and white sandy beaches.