Single Men & Women of America

I read the most astonishing thing the other day. This will come as a shock. According to this source, one-fourth of the men in the United States are not married. A full twenty-five percent of our stalwart men are single and available. (According to the 2017 census, this number is now 46.8%.)

This should come as great news to any women seeking a mate!

These men are bachelors, widowers, or divorced. But since we’ve passed this refreshing bit of news along to the women of the country, here’s some good news for the men: unmarried women outnumber unmarried men by around 3.69 million! (In 2017, unmarried women outnumber unmarried men by 7.07 million.)

The article went on to point out that if a man is still single at 35, he probably will never marry. That is, he probably will not marry. It does not mean that he cannot be led to the altar by a good woman with her eye on a wedding ring.

The most interesting point of all is made by Lee Morgan, Director of New York’s Scientific introduction service.

He said, “People who genuinely want marriage get married. That’s the key.”

So, according to our expert, everyone who really wants to get married does. If there are any husband-searching woman within the range of my voice, realize that every fourth man in the country is single. (Now, it’s almost every other man.) If you’re a wife-hunting man, know that there are millions of available women.

You have only to want marriage very much in order to achieve it!

Some people say they want to get married, but they really don’t want to. They don’t particularly like the idea of giving up their freedom, their independence, and having to take on a lot of responsibility. Some aren’t sure they like the idea of having to be with only one person for the rest of their lives. Some have been soured on the whole thing by listening to their parents’ battling, by seeing an unhappy marriage at work. Some are not emotionally qualified for the demands of marriage, and others have deep-seated neuroses which keep them from getting along with anyone for any length of time.

Marriage is a burning glass. You can hide your faults from a person you’re going with for a while, but marriage brings them out, one by one, until they are all exposed to the light of day. If you have a considerate and loving partner, they’ll be overlooked; if not, here come the arguments.

You will frequently hear someone say that arguing and fighting is a normal part of being married. Nonsense!

Marriage is a partnership, and the partners – if they want it to be a success – have to get along.

How long would a business last if the two partners were at each other’s throat all the time? Not long! The same thing applies to marriage. Sure, there are going to be disagreements – disagreements are a part of living – but they should be handled gently, with tact and intelligence. And, I believe, with the understanding that if an impasse is reached, one or the other should have the authority of final decision.

Ah, marriage. That strange, uncharted and mysterious land.

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