The other day I mentioned that each year, people spend an estimate of $200 million on such foolishness as fortune-telling.

Did you ever have your palm read?

These so-called palmists make a fairly soft living by reading palms. They tell you what kind of personality you have, and what’s going to happen to you as if it is all written out on the palm of your hand.

According to these masters of the “con” game, it all depends upon the depth and length of the lines in your hand and the size and shape of your fingers.

They say that long fingers with an extended thumb and strong lifeline often mark women who painstakingly succeed as painters, writers, actresses, or musicians.

Men with knotty fingers and well-defined head and destiny lines are long and lean physically. They’re thinkers, executives, inventors, and scientists. Men with square fingertips and strongly marked lines are the organizer, soldier, and salesman type. Women with tapering fingers do well in occupations like luxury selling or interior decorating.

A palmist has a name for every line in your hand.

The lifeline is supposed to indicate how long you’re going to live, and at the same time, whether or not you’re going to be ill. The thumb is supposed to be a powerful influence on your life. According to palmists, a large thumb holds willpower and determination and the ability to force success against any obstacle. The heart line, strongly-marked, indicates good health, vitality, personal magnetism, and attractiveness to both sexes. The success line marks those who possess the inherent ability to gain artistic fame and fortune.

Well, how do you feel about all of this? Personally, I’ll go along with Dr. Banks, who says he thinks the whole thing is frightening.

What is a young man or woman who has a short success line supposed to do… give up?

The phony story of a palmist could conceivably go a long way toward wrecking a life… like the woman I told you about who was told by a palmist that she was the jealous type. So, she developed the trait of jealousy and lost her husband. She married again, and lost him, too — all because she was gullible enough to swallow the line of a palmist, and she paid for that kind of advice.

If a person’s palm could foretell how long he was going to live, all the insurance companies would need to do before issuing a policy to him would be to glance casually at the palm of his hand. Short lifeline — no policy! Long lifeline — you’re in! No medical examination or history required!

Before anyone could get employment, the employer would want to see the character line, to find out if the person is trustworthy. The palm does show some things. If it’s dirty, you ought to wash your hands. If it’s calloused, it shows you’ve been doing heavy work.

Do you check your sign of the zodiac before you do anything? You might remember the line that goes something like this:

“The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars but in ourselves… that we are underlings.”

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