How’s Your Conversation?

The experts claim that one of the biggest problems of marriage…

And one of the prime causes for the failure of a marriage – is the inability, or reluctance, on the part of husbands and wives to talk to each other.

It seems that the longer two people live together, the more they tend to take one another for granted. Like the new car; at first, it’s exciting and interesting but with time, well, it’s just a car. People aren’t machines, and this kind of attitude toward a wife or husband is death to a marriage. They might put on the appearance of marriage, but it’s only a matter of a contract and convenience.

If there is anyone on earth you should be able to talk to about interesting things, and thoroughly enjoy talking to, it should be the person to whom you’re married.

And the problem seems to come from “letting down.”

That is, home becomes a kind of cave, where a person feels he doesn’t have to act a part; he can just let go completely. This is alright for the person living alone, but it never works when two people are living together.

It’s a matter of intelligent consideration, that the home should be as important as the office. If a person does his best all day to be cheerful and get along with the people with whom they work, why should they feel that they don’t have to make the same effort at home? A husband or wife is a lot more important than the folks at the office, and they should go out of their way to be charming, interesting, and cheerful, the same sort of attitude they took while courting.

And now we come back to this business of conversation — the point at which the experts say that many marriages break down.

What should you talk about? Well, talk about all the nice things that happened during the day – the interesting comment made in the break room, the funny thing that little Clyde Jr. did, or just how pleasant it is to have a fine spouse. Anything, so long as it’s cheerful! We shouldn’t load up our partner with our problems the minute we come home, any more than we would to our friends.

It’s rare for two people who understand the importance of good conversation to realize how important it is in the home. A man and his wife should have more to talk about than any two people on earth. But it takes a little effort – and the understanding of how important it is.

Of one thing you can be sure: the most important human being on earth, as far as a married person is concerned, should be the person to whom he or she is married.

And all you have to do is treat him, or her, that way. Easy? No. Vital? Yes.

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