Have you ever watched a dog dream? It is interesting! My dog used to jerk its legs, whine, and breathe so fast and hard, you knew it was dreaming about chasing something. All creatures with any intelligence dream. The experts say that it is as impossible to sleep without dreaming as it is to sleep without breathing. So it is believed that you dream without fail, every night. The fact that you can’t remember your dreams doesn’t mean much.

The study of dreams is tremendously interesting, and there are several good books on the subject.

If you make up your mind just before going to sleep, you will gradually get quite proficient at it. Then, if you have a book on dreams, you can go a long way toward solving your emotional problems.

Take the nightmare, for example. A nightmare is only a projection of a conflict, a troublesome problem, or a fear which dramatically manifests itself. The more nightmares you have, the more troubled you must be. I suppose everyone has nightmares from time to time, because living is a series of conflicts of one kind or another. Only when you manage to straighten out your life, ridding yourself of the causes, will the unconscious thinking or morbid dream life disappear.

Fears show themselves in a person’s dreams in various ways.

Maybe you’ve dreamed the fairly common nightmare where you find yourself in a room of people, and you don’t have any clothes on. This is a real shocker.

It’s terrible! However, if you have a dream where you appear in a crowded room or on a busy street without any clothes on, you’re not having the nightmare because you fear ever appearing in such a state. However, the psychologist asks if it is not likely that this is symbolic of your fear of having a deep, dark secret discovered by an unsympathetic society. It would be challenging to grow up to be an adult without ever in a person’s life, having done something he wished he had not. The well-adjusted person forgets about it and makes up his mind to do better in the future.

The poorly adjusted individual broods about it and keeps it alive in his mind, and has nightmares.

Then there’s the nightmare in which some terrible monster is pursuing you, and no matter how hard you try, you don’t seem to be able to get up much speed. Your feet feel like lead, and things keep happening to keep you from escaping. If you turn and look at this apparition, its face will be blurred and indistinct. The experts say that this is just a representation of real conflict or fear you have in your waking life, and since you can’t identify what’s chasing you, you’re spared, even in your dream, of facing your conflict directly.

Did you ever dream you were flying? This is likely symbolic of the desire for power since flying puts a person high above one’s competitors. Highly ambitious, though thwarted, people might dream of flying often.

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