An Educated Person

Do you know the qualities that indicate an educated person? I ran across a pretty good list of the nine marks of an educated human, and I’d like to pass them along to you.

First off, the educated person keeps his or her mind open on every question until the evidence is all in.

Then asks himself these ABC’s of all education:

A. Do I want to know the truth, or do I merely want to prove that my preconceived notions are right?
B. Am I willing to lay aside the convictions, the historical traditions, and customs of my social class, in the presence of a new fact, long enough to find out if this new fact ought to change my point of view?
C. Have I ever, without prejudice or set notions and ideas, surrendered my mind entirely to the examination of the reasons for my most cherished opinions?

Anyways, here are the nine marks:
  1. All educated individuals will listen to the person who knows. That is, he listens to all the information someone else can give him on a particular subject, and then he draws his conclusions.
  2. The educated person never laughs at new ideas. He or she never says that something is impossible, ridiculous, or can’t be done.
  3. The educated human cross-examines their daydreams. Many dreamers have become great by putting this rule into practice. Daydreams can become practical realities – and have in thousands of cases. Next time daydreams pop into your mind, start forming the habit of examining them closely.
  4. The educated man discovers his strong point and makes the most of it. Nothing succeeds like success, but mainly because a person has found a strong position and has learned how to make the most of it.
  5. The educated individual learns the value of good habits and how to form them. How much he or she should eat and drink, how much sleep to should get, and how to stay in the best possible condition. You can form any habit by repetition.
  6. The educated man knows when not to think. In other words, when to call in the expert to do the thinking for him. Dr. William Mayor once said, “It’s not surgery that kills people – it’s delayed surgery.” If the educated man wants a house build, he’ll call on an architect. He knows he can’t be all things, and he respects and employs the experts when he needs them.
  7. You can’t sell “magic” to an educated person. It’s incredible and pitiful that so high a number of people still believe in luck, charms, special days, certain numbers, signs, black Fridays and such. It’s all a hangover from the dark ages and a lot of nonsense.
  8. Educated individuals live a forward-looking, outward-looking life. They expect a lot more good than bad in the world, and the future is an interesting and exciting thing to contemplate. The person welcomes life with an eager smile. He or she understands its problems and cherishes its joys.
  9. The educated man cultivates a love for the beautiful. He sees the beauty in just about everything around him. Beauty can be tickets to the symphony or a figurine in a shop window, and above all, the beauty of nature and people. He enjoys a good rainy day as much as a sunny day.
Those are the nine marks of an educated person. How did you rate?

The man or woman who does not enjoy living to the fullest, who does not find beauty and happiness in every day, is killing the only thing he will ever own. He’s killing time, and there just is not that much of it.

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