An Abundant Harvest

Some time ago, a good friend of mine told me a curious story. In the modern building where he has his offices, there are both automatic elevators and elevators which still use operators. One day while riding to his office in one of the operator elevators, the operator complained about the increase in the number of automatic elevators in use. He then told him that a meeting conducted about an attempt to force the owners of buildings with automatic elevators to hire an operator for each lift, whether it needed one or not.

In short, he honestly felt that the purpose of elevators was to give employment to elevator operators. The fact of the matter is,elevators are in use solely to get people to their desired floors as quickly, safely, conveniently, and economically as possible.

It’s incredible how this inconceivably absurd notion keeps popping up to try to slow the march of progress.

Any person who is tall enough to reach the buttons in an automatic elevator, can operate one with complete success. Monkeys could be trained to do it. Why should we have a man drawing a salary for something we don’t need? This is as useless as a third eyebrow or an attendant in the men’s room!

When we talk about the elevator of the kind that needs an operator – fine, hire an operator. He’s needed, and he earns his pay just like everybody else. However, as soon as you begin to pay a man for an unnecessary job, everybody suffers. The one who suffers most is the man being paid for what he knows is unnecessary.

We all, as human beings, have a few things with which to work out our lives.

We have ability, talent, and time. How much time, or talent, or ability we don’t know. However, how well we make use of these three factors will determine our success to others and ourselves. It will determine our harvest.

If we want an abundant harvest, we can have it within the framework and limitations of ourselves as individuals. But, if our idea of living is to get by doing as little as we can, we’re in for painful results.

One of the most difficult things to get across to the great mass of people is that our harvest can never exceed our planting.

We can only get back from living the exact payment of what we put into life. Action-Reaction, so simple once you understand it!

If you pay a man a living wage for a job that is not necessary, you are doing him a disservice. Since his contribution to life is the absolute minimum, that is all he can expect to receive.

Every person should make up his mind what it is he wants out of life.

If he will, he will then know precisely what he must put in.

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