American Teachers vs. Communism

I attended the Annual National Military-Industrial and Educational Conference in Chicago. The purpose of the conference was to discuss education and freedom in a world of conflict. One of the speakers was William C. Sullivan, Chief of Research for the FBI. His talk was about Communism and education in the United States.

He pointed out that our school teachers were the group of all groups in the country that the Communists would most like to get their hands on.

Think of the strides Communism could make in this country if our school teachers were passing the party doctrine along to young and impressionable children.

However, the Communists have failed to infiltrate their nonsense into the minds of our teachers, and Mr. Sullivan of the FBI explained why:

  1. American teachers have a marked fondness for freedom.
    It seems that teachers like freedom just as much, and maybe more than anybody else. They don’t want anyone telling them how to live their lives, so Communism lost out on this point.
  2. Being a part of world Communism involves entering into a conspiracy.
    Moreover, American teachers don’t want to enter into a conspiracy – a private life of meeting in strange rooms, reporting to unknown people.
  3. There are no Communist intellectuals.
    By that, I mean there are no Communist intellectuals that American teachers can look up to. Teachers naturally respect and will listen to a person with an outstanding mind. However, everyone with an exceptional mind, the intellectuals, all see the absurdity and suicide of giving up freedom for slavery. Every great and thinking individual in the world loves freedom. Thousands of them have escaped from behind the iron curtain. Some, like the late Bors Pasternak, even speak out against Communism while still behind it.
  4. American teachers have not been recruited by the Communists.
    They refuse to accept the party line on legislation, and all other dogmatic orders from the party leaders. Under Communism, you go along in blind faith with everything some nitwit at the head of the line says. What you, as an individual, may think is unimportant. The teachers in this country wouldn’t hold still for that kind of nonsense. They have minds of their own, and they want to follow their own opinions.
  5. American teachers believe in individualism.
    It is the direct opposite of everything Communism teaches. Under Communism, the individual is only worth what he or she can give to the so-called good of the state. In our system, the individual and his freedom is the most important thing, and the state must work toward this end.
Those are some of the reasons why Communism hasn’t a chance with a free-thinking schoolteacher.

It violates everything he or she loves. The Communists made some headway during the depression of the thirties; but since that time, they’ve been out, and they’re getting farther out all the time.

If you had any doubts about what Communism can do to a person, as Dr. William Elliott, professor of government of Harvard University, put it:

“Take a good long look at the faces of the Communist leaders – they’re not men anymore… they’ve been turned into animals.”

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