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"We become what
we think About."

Are You Happy?


It’s astounding to think that 2/3 of our country is dissatisfied with their lives, and yet, that’s the reality that many of us live in. Every day, millions of people wake up wishing that something in their lives - their financial situation, career path, health, or relationships - would change. They’re worried about the future, feel defeated, and wish there was a tangible solution for their problem.

At Nightingale Legacy, we know it can feel like the game is fixed against you… and that’s why we’re here with the guidebook. Through interactive content, innovative platforms, intuitive coaching, and engaging experiences, we fulfill our mission as relentless-dream makers, revealing the path to goal realization. With a rally cry of “raising the restless,” Nightingale Legacy is dedicated to providing every individual with the tools they need to adjust their mindset and inspire actionable change.

67% of America can continue feeling unhappy, waiting for a miracle to happen while their lives pass them by. Or they can grasp the opportunity for life transformation and finally experience true satisfaction through personal freedom

Our team of coaches and consultants are Trained and Certified in the following areas:

  • Myers Brigg Evaluations
  • Strengths Finder Evaluations
  • Enneagram Evaluations
  • Leadership Development
  • The John Maxwell Method
  • Business Development
  • Audit Committee Development Consulting
  • Boardroom Committee Consulting
  • Brand Coaching
  • Business Process Auditing
  • Systems Development Consulting
  • Inbound Marketing Certification
  • Facebook Certification
  • Google Certification
  • Microsoft Certification
  • Digital Communication Certification
  • Google Digital Communication Certification
  • Sales System Architecture Developments
  • C-Suite Boardroom Scalability Forecasting
  • Scalability and Transitions Consulting
  • Organizational Structure
  • Financial Forecasting


  • Strategic Guides
  • Aggressive Learners
  • 360° Listeners
  • Authentic Visionaries
  • Charismatic Catalysts
  • Relentless Dream Makers
  • Compassionate Challengers
  • Reflective Problem Solvers


We are relentless dream-makers
revealing the path to goal realization.


We are relentless dream makers revealing the path to goal realization through interactive content, innovative platforms, intuitive coaching, and engaging experiences.





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Momentum Builders

Meet our coaches

Crysten O’Berski

The daughter of small business owners, Crysten developed an interest in entrepreneurship at an early age. Always working on-the-go, Crysten’s family frequently visited Walt…

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Darren Simpson

Darren brings his entrepreneurship, business knowledge, passion for the sport of fitness, and unparalleled customer service as CEO of Nightingale Legacy. His experience includes…

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Dr. Phil

Dr. Mercidieu “Phil” Phillips is a transformational leader whose passion is to positively touch people’s lives and effect social change. He is a much…

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Jermain Miller

Jermain Miller is the Founder of MiLL Real Estate and CEO of Jermain Miller Consulting. Prior to him launching MiLL RE in 2015, Jermain…

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Jim Cathcart

After hearing Earl Nightingale on the radio one day in 1972, Jim was inspired to change his life. While working as a government clerk…

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Paul Edgewater

When not doing business, you’ll find Paul at home in Southern Florida riding one of his motorcycles, working out, spending time at the beach,…

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Thomas MacDonald

Tom is an accomplished senior executive and consultant with 25 years of success as a brand marketing and development professional. His background in a…

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Val Simpson

Val Simpson was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her parents immigrated to America in the late 80’s. At a young age, Val learned the…

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Windford Outlaw

Windford Outlaw serves as Senior Pastor of New Beginnings Ministries in Lehigh Acres, Florida He and the Leadership of New Beginnings Ministries demonstrate a…

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