A Solution to Suicide

At one time, a man was so desperate that he was on the verge of suicide. He was too intelligent, though, to take so drastic a way out without consulting an expert about his problems. So he asked a psychologist. The man couldn’t sleep; he’d lost his grip. He was completely tired all the time, depressed, listless, and so on. To his surprise, the doctor agreed that suicide was the best way out of his dilemma. However, it was here that the doctor gave the man an unusual prescription.

He suggested that the man run himself to death.

He said to the despondent man, “After supper, tonight, tell the family you are going for a walk, but don’t walk. Run as hard as you can. You’re middle-aged. Maybe your heart isn’t too good, and you will die naturally. No one will know how it happened, and there’ll be no disgrace to plague your family.”

The man thought the suggestion was perfect. That night he left, and when he was some distance from his house, he began to run. He ran as fast as he could for a while, but self-preservation took control, and he stopped far short of doing any damage, let alone death. He went home, and for the first time in months, slept like a baby. The next day he felt much better. The next night he tried it again. The result was the same – a good night’s sleep.

By the third night, he was feeling so great, he wanted to live forever.

The psychologist had given him a prescription for living. The man’s problems were in his mind, and he was not sufficiently tired physically for fatigue to overcome his worries. After a few good night’s sleep, he could solve his problems with a fresh, active, and creative mind.

It is, of course, a fact that most people today don’t get enough physical exercise. The modern world has taken the emphasis so far away from anything remotely approaching the physical side that we have millions of people who are of inferior physical condition. They expect a few weekends of summer golf to put them back in shape, and they’re surprised when this doesn’t succeed.

If a man works in an office, sitting at a desk all day, or at any work which does not involve physical energy, he really ought to do certain exercises every day.

If he has a physical problem, he should check with his doctor; it’s surprising what a small amount of activity, done regularly each day, without exception, will keep a man in really excellent physical condition. They’ll keep his muscles and body in wonderful fitness all the years of his life.

I once read about a series of exercises you can do while sitting at a desk. However, if you have difficulty in getting a good night’s sleep, try a series of exercises. Start easy, and then as your body becomes used to them, you can gradually increase them until you’re getting a good workout every day. One of the best exercises for a man is the tension-type which cannot overwork him. You grip one hand with the other and push down with one while pulling up with the other. Ten of these every night and morning will work wonders for your arms, shoulders, and chest muscles. As you get stronger, the exercise naturally becomes harder. Also, walking is still the best exercise for the legs.

Unless a person has a severe physical condition, there’s no good reason in the world to become unhealthy just because you’re in your forties, fifties, or sixties. A little exercise every day will mean the difference.

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